The Sovereignty of God by A.W Pink (Book Review)

Published in 1918, reformed pastor A.W Pink (1886-1952) explores the neglected, controversial, yet essential topic on the sovereignty of God. I have heard about this book countless times as a classic in theology and up until recently I got to read it.  So here is my review of  The Sovereignty of God. Pink explores differentContinue reading “The Sovereignty of God by A.W Pink (Book Review)”

Remembering J.I Packer (1926-2020) and Knowing God

James Inell Packer, best known as J.I Packer, has gone home to be with the Lord on Friday. He was 93, just 5 days shy of his 94th birthday. The British-born Canadian theologian will be remembered by many as one of the most influential evangelicals of our time and rightly so. Packer’s contribution to theContinue reading “Remembering J.I Packer (1926-2020) and Knowing God”

The Christians writer’s manual of style by Robert Hudson (book review)

This book is a reference book if anything, split up like an encyclopedia so you can find what appeals to your interest. It is compatible with other books on writing such as the Chicago Manual of Style. The difference here is that this book further touches on religious publications. Many guidelines are featured here suchContinue reading “The Christians writer’s manual of style by Robert Hudson (book review)”

“Once For All” – A Good Friday Devotional Amid COVID-19

On this Good Friday, April 10, 2020, things are quite different than usual for obvious reasons. This weekend will be different for the church as we are still not able to meet because of COVID-19. I couldn’t help but think about the Easter plays and choir presentations that will not be taking place this year.Continue reading ““Once For All” – A Good Friday Devotional Amid COVID-19″

Bible Publishers Experience Increased Sales amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Gospel Unity in Romans

Romans is considered to be the Apostle Paul’s magnum opus. I find it to be the most theologically dense of his epistles for many doctrines are shared in systematic fashion. With so much material, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and miss the big picture that Paul provided for his readers. SoContinue reading “Gospel Unity in Romans”

The Gospel-Shaped Life by Ian Hamilton (Book Review)

  So a few months ago at a conference, I came across this book that Banner of Truth was selling. The title alone caught my eye as there is a lack of Gospel-centered preaching and sound doctrine nowadays. Therefore, we must return to the Gospel and let it shape our lives so that we wouldContinue reading “The Gospel-Shaped Life by Ian Hamilton (Book Review)”

God’s Providence on COVID-19

Amid the chaos in the world over the coronavirus, God is still in control. Friends, He still reigns. He is still seated on His throne. He is not surprised by all of this. If anything, God is behind all of it. Now some will accuse God of wrongdoing but God is not the author ofContinue reading “God’s Providence on COVID-19”

Martin Luther’s words to us in the COVID-19 pandemic

In the time of the Black Plague, Martin Luther provides sound wisdom as to how he dealt with the pandemic. Rather than make false claims, prudence was practiced such as social distancing. Moreover, he stressed that one remains compassionate and ready to help when needed, even if it almost killed him! Yet he considered othersContinue reading “Martin Luther’s words to us in the COVID-19 pandemic”

Dr. Ben Carson Urges Americans to Lean into Faith, Prayer amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Ben Carson Urges Americans to Lean into Faith, Prayer amid COVID-19 Outbreak — Read on