The Gospel-Shaped Life by Ian Hamilton (Book Review)


So a few months ago at a conference, I came across this book that Banner of Truth was selling. The title alone caught my eye as there is a lack of Gospel-centered preaching and sound doctrine nowadays. Therefore, we must return to the Gospel and let it shape our lives so that we would reflect Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The book itself is small, but as the phrase goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, so that rings true for this book. Yet it’s content makes up for its size (43 chapters!). I honestly thought I’d finish this book in less than a week. But it took me much longer than that. Well for one, I did stop reading for a while. But when I did read consistently, I couldn’t read through it quickly. Some chapters are easy to pass through while other chapters were much more time consuming. It is densely packed but without ever becoming tedious.

If anything, you want to chew on what you just read as it begets awe and adoration of the Good News. Some stories in the Bible are discussed as it highlights the Gospel. Additionally, key figures in church history are discussed as they offer their take on the Gospel. Not only is the book doctrinal, but also applicable to one’s daily life, which is a must! If we are going to live out this life in which we are called by God, we must live it out on behalf of the Good News He has given to us.

Good book, I recommend it! 4.5/5

Some book quotes
“A Christian has intimate fellowship with the triune God. A Christian has freedom of access, night and day, into the presence of the one who made the uncountable myriad of stars.”

“If any one phrase sums up the substance of the Bible it is, ‘Behold your God’.

“God’s purpose in saving sinners is not only to save them but to sanctify them, to transform into the likeness of His Son.”

Have you read this book? Love to hear your comments!

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"Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered". -Psalm 32:1

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