That All May See Your Progress (Devotional)

The Christian life is not a life of perfection but progression. Although there will be challenges, there will be growth from them. Although there will be trials, there will be triumphs. And the evidence is growth. For the true Christian is a growing Christian. You may think that a life of self-denial is suppression butContinue reading “That All May See Your Progress (Devotional)”

Book Review: Rescuing the Gospel by Erwin W. Lutzer

? A few weeks ago was the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. One that I am fortunate to celebrate in this lifetime. In light of this, I picked up this great book that discusses the Protestant Reformation, what led up to it, it’s immediate impact, and how it impacts us today. As we know,…

Book Review: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey, host of the Dave Ramsey Show has been offering financial knowledge and helping people get out of debt since 1992. He has written multiple books as well as hosted seminars, such as the Financial Peace University. In his book, the Total Money Makeover, he offers a step by step method in becoming debtContinue reading “Book Review: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey”

Intro to New Series: Jesus’ I Am Statements

In this new series, we will be looking at the “I am” statements of Jesus. These statements are only found in the Gospel of John as John writes to show Jesus as the divine Son of God! But oftentimes, they are overlooked or misinterpreted without further study. So what is the best way to lookContinue reading “Intro to New Series: Jesus’ I Am Statements”

What Walking by Faith Means

Beautifully said here by Ian Hamilton in his book, “The Gospel Shaped Life” concerning walking by faith. I know it can be hard as we are bombarded with things daily that shake our faith. Or how in those times, we act according to our flesh than faith. So I appreciate what’s said here as HamiltonContinue reading “What Walking by Faith Means”

Christ is your Life

“Christ, who is your life” -Colossians 3:4 For the believer, we have been passed from death unto life (John 5:4). Moreover, Christ becomes your life. Think about that. It’s not just turning over a new leaf, or new years resolution but that Christ becomes your life. Notice it does not say “Christ, who is aContinue reading “Christ is your Life”

God’s Everlasting Love

Now I know it’s Valentine’s Day and some of you are not fans (I don’t blame you). So I wanted to share something that is so uplifting. I came across this quote for the first time today. MIND BLOWN. And i just had to share, especially that some people feel lonely on Valentine’s Day orContinue reading “God’s Everlasting Love”

Dangers of Bethel Music/Hillsong/Elevation Worship

Alright, so this is one hot topic being discussed today and rightly so, for this is one that should be discussed as it deals with music and doctrine. Now some of you might object, “the music is good”. Let me encourage you to consider the sources of origin, that is these churches that are doctrinallyContinue reading “Dangers of Bethel Music/Hillsong/Elevation Worship”

Dealing with trials part 3: The Consideration of Joy in the trails (a Bible study on James 1:2-4)

As we have observed in this series on dealing with trials, we’ve learned of it’s inevitability and purpose. In this final post of the series, we will look at the consideration of joy in the trial. Once again, here’s our text: “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, forContinue reading “Dealing with trials part 3: The Consideration of Joy in the trails (a Bible study on James 1:2-4)”

God will Provide

In this life, we will be facing much challenges, going through many seasons, and experiencing much hardships. The statement “the struggle is real” is indeed real. And such moments can be discouraging. In the midst of it, one cannot help but feel downcast about present while fearful of the future. Moreover, not only do youContinue reading “God will Provide”