Theology Matters 5: Systematic Theology

AsĀ  we continue in this wonderful series on Theology Matters, today I want to discuss systematic theology and its importance to the church. Normally, systematic theology is reserved for seminaries, when it applies to all Christians. What is systematic theology? It is looking at the different doctrines of the Bible. It is systematic in theContinue reading “Theology Matters 5: Systematic Theology”

Theology Matters 4: Holy Spirit

More than a force, but a Person Ah the Holy Spirit, otherwise known as the third Person in the Trinity. He is first seen “hovering over the waters” (Gen. 1:2), as well as partaking in the creation of man (Gen 1:26-28). He likewise is seen all throughout the OT in prophets, priests and kings. AlsoContinue reading “Theology Matters 4: Holy Spirit”