Theology Matters 3: Jesus

As discussed in my first post, it is imperative in understanding God as the Bible intends. Likewise, it applies in understanding Christ in His person and work. A lack of biblical interpretation of Christ begets many misconceptions of Christ. For instance, Christ is a great moral teacher. Nothing more, nothing less. Some would even take a step further in denying Christ as historical, rendering him as some sort of metaphor or an ideal. Nevertheless, Scripture provides the final say concerning Christ. That should and always should be the case. Remember, the Bible is the inspired Word God in which history is incorporated.

Christ is the one whom crushes the serpents head (Gen 3:15), in which His kingdom will be established forever (2 Sam 7), He is the one who was crushed for our iniquities and our transgressions (Is 53). Prior to His earthly ministry, His coming was foretold in the OT as the Messiah. Moreover, it points to Him (John 5:39). This is essential as it lays a foundation in understanding the Gospel as the a whole. As seen throughout Scripture, Christ is its focal point. Such display is placed on Christ as the Messiah in which we come to know God (John 17:3). Simply put, know Christ, know God; or no Christ, no God. This is the experience of the gospel, to know Christ! He is God’s love on display (Romans 5:8).

Now what has Christ done? Christ redeems us from sin through imputation of righteousness, reconciling us to God. Just as Adam was our representative, now Christ is our representative in  which we become children of the most high God. He offers us the Holy Spirit who convicts us of us, sanctifies us in unrighteousness, and leads us into all truth regarding Scripture, by making us more Christlike in character (Rom. 8:29). Presently, Christ makes intercession for us (Heb. 7:25) as is always with us to the end (Matt. 28).

That being said, we acknowledge Christ as Scripture’s fulfillment. The Bible is not about us, it is about Him. What does that say for us ? That we need Him each and everyday. He is not to be a side character in our story but the focal point in His story through our lives. Furthermore,  that we may spread the message of the Gospel and testify about what Christ has done in our lives.

Published by Blessed Are The Forgiven

"Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered". -Psalm 32:1

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