Christ’s Call to Reform the Church by John MacArthur (Book Review)

Repentance is not often touched upon in churches today, yet we are called to do so.  Discussed in this book are the 7 churches of Revelation, Christ’s indictment of them, followed by the end result. What can be appreciated in this book is the relevancy of biblical principles that still apply today! Each church is a case all on it’s own and Jesus deals with them all. That should speak volumes to churches today. Wherever they are at, Christ holds them accountable. It is His church, after all. It is His bride in which He will come back for and judgment begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17).

The historical detail in the book is well appreciated as brings these churches to life. It showed that these churches were indeed places in history and how each church operated in its surrounding society. That should also speak volumes as it should make us question: are we being salt & light in our location?  Scripture also plays a big part here as a crucial element to the church. A church that does not live by the word of God is susceptible to corruption.

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a sober reminder to the church. It is in dire need of reformation. That of course is not easy as many have deviated away from God’s Word, settling for outside sources instead. This book is also to the complacent Christian whom like the church Ephesus, lost their first love. Yet God shows mercy and calls us to run back to Him. It is time for a renewed commitment to Christ. It is time to reform the church. Don’t delay!

Notable Quotes

“This climatic reality of the church: God redeems sinners to build His church and uses their transformed lives to reflect the majesty of His glory, whereby He draws more sinners to Himself. That awesome, blazing glory of the Lord shines through the church, illuminating a lost and dark world.”

“Fading love for Christ the forerunner of spiritual apathy.”

“Consider this: for Christians there is no such thing as meaningless suffering. The Lord is always refining us, always sharpening us for the building His church”

“If there is any hope for a new reformation and revival today, it is that the church will submit to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, that it will faithfully proclaim the message of justification by grace alone through faith alone, that God’s people will devote themselves to glorifying Him in all things, and that they hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ in loving devotion to their Savior”.


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"Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered". -Psalm 32:1

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