Why We Don’t Meditate Biblically

In this first post in the series, I want to address some of the reasons why we don’t meditate biblically. I’m certain that we can find ourselves on this list. We don’t make time for it Oftentimes, we say we’re busy but it’s all a matter of prioritizing what’s important. As a biblical practice, itContinue reading “Why We Don’t Meditate Biblically”

Intro to Biblical meditation

Biblical meditation is a lost art. In an age where mysticism , yoga, and paganism is present, Biblical meditation is needed. It is essential in renewing the mind. It is crucial in having the mind of Christ. Biblical meditation is what helps us in our thought life in our daily struggle in the flesh. AndContinue reading “Intro to Biblical meditation”

Book Review: People skills for Christians by Tony Munson

Face it. We all need people skills. Be in in the house, work, school, anywhere where people are involved. As the body of Christ, we are to grow in our people skills in loving one another. That includes edification, conflict resolution, fellowship, most importantly:pointing to Christ. Therefore, such skills must be developed. The book isContinue reading “Book Review: People skills for Christians by Tony Munson”

Acid and Anxiety Part 2

For part 1 click here So I’m in pain, and I’m in the ambulance. Quite honestly, I hated it due to the nonchalant reaction. Why? Because they didn’t see it as a heart attack. Although it wasn’t a heart attack thank God but I feared it as such. Nevertheless, I was unappreciative of theĀ  moment.Continue reading “Acid and Anxiety Part 2”